We like to work with webmasters from all areas of the web.  We understand that getting content to your site helps you grow.  We are now offering RSS XML Feeds for webmasters that would like to promote our content creators on their site(s).  RSS is a great way for you to get continuous updates automatically.  Content sent through these feeds are only Unlocked content that our creators would like to share with the world.  

This gives you content and in return our content creators get more exposure to potiental fans.  This is a win win for both groups.  

RSS Feed:  https://itsmii.com/rss?cats=<your-cat>

Content Creator Specific:  https://itsmii.com/rss/<username>

Kernal Video Sharing

If you are a webmaster and you use KVS template and you would like unlocked content from all of our creators under the SEXY category.  KVS will download our video to your server

RSS Feed:  https://itsmii.com/rss?cats=sexy

In your KVS admin panel.  Go to Videos>> Then look on the left navigation panel and click Add Importing Feeds.  From there add the information need to add our feed. From there add a Title, then add the Feed URL under Parser select RSS (XML) and lastly Duplicates prefix you can add the name you want for that and click "Save" when done.