Tips for Success

Tips For Success:
  • Backlinks
  • Domain Redirect
  • Social Profiles
  • Media Outlets & Blogs
  • ItsMii Network


Backlinking to your profile page is a great way to get fans to your site. 

Recommended Sites for Submitting Backlinks:
  • Crazybacklinks
  • EmoLinks
  • PlugRush
  • MozyLink
  • SkyBacklinks
  • Zypid

Domain Redirect:

Another way to make an even stronger Backlink strategy is to purchase a specific domain and redirect that domain to your profile.  For Example:  John Doe would purchase a domain like

Social Profiles:

Posting your URL on your various socials profiles is a great way to generate more users to your page. 

Recommended Social Profiles:
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • TikTok
  • Twitter
  • Youtube
  • WorldStarHipHop
  • Vimeo
  • Vevo
  • DailyMontion
  • MetaCafe
  • Twitch
  • Any and other Tube Sites
Media Outlets & Blogs:

Media Outlets and Blogs are always looking for content to write about.  Reaching out to these mediums is a great way to garner interest from new potential fans. Content is “King” and providing a 30 second to 1 min clip of your best video is a great way of getting users to your page. 

Make sure to provide any outlet at least 2-3 paragraph article about what you want fans to know about your talent and what to come.

Recommended Social Profiles:
  • Vice
  • Men’s Health
  • TMZ
  • PrezHilton
  • Feedly

Link Sharing Networks:

Link Sharing Networks are also great opportunities to get discovered by potential fans.

Recommended Link Sharing Networks:
  • Pintrest
  • Digg
  • Dribble
  • Delicious
  • Reddit
  • LinkaGoGo
  • Listly
  • SocialBookmarkNow

ItsMii Network:

We have access to various outlets.