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WAIT!!! Don't Delete Your OnlyFans

Aug 20, 2021
Los Angeles – is launching a public relations campaign called “Wait! Don’t Delete Your OnlyFans.” is a competitive alternative to OnlyFans.  ItsMii has launched this campaign in order to inform content creators of how to best work with each platform including  This comes after OnlyFans has stated they will not allow sexually explicit content starting in October.  Many models are experiencing discomfort with the move by the social media giant. is guaranteeing that it will not ban any artistic material that follows US laws. 

“Although we are competitors with OnlyFans, we feel that artists should not make hasty decisions and just delete their OnlyFans account and move to other platforms.  We would like to inform artists of why they should not delete their OnlyFans and abandon ship” says Jasmine. 

Wait! Don’t Delete Your OnlyFans will be a Q&A with the creators and marketing leadership of  They will be offering a Telegram, WhatsApp and ClubHouse Forums on what models should actually do during this time leading up to the new rules and regulations kicking in on OnlyFans.  They also educate on features of their platform and how people can best grow their fan base.

“We are in a time where we need to be educating content creators on what they should do.  Content creators are very smart and fast learners; giving the right information can help them build, and also help us build the tools they need for success.  Platforms should start to get behind models now and empower them to have longevity in the industry” says Jasmine.

Besides the Q&A forums, will also dedicate an episode of their ItsMii Unlocked podcast to explain what content creators should do during this time before the ban takes effect.  Other ItsMii Unlocked podcast episodes are currently streaming on Spotify, Apple Podcast, Google Podcast, Youtube and on the platform.    

Content creators that are looking for more information and that want to join these groups should reach out to Jasmine at is an online community for artist and fans.  Their goal is to provide a solution for fans and artist to connect and also share exclusive content amongst members.  For fans, subscribing gives you access to exclusive content and direct chat with artists. The social platform allows content creators the freedom to showcase their best work, and the stability they need to build an independent creative career.

Content Creators and Fans alike love the platform for its ease of use and many features.  The platform gives content creators the tools to expand their fan base.  Fans can connect and support their favorite artists in multiple way by subscribing to channels and tipping.
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