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Tip: Locked and Unlocked Post

May 27, 2021
There are many options given when posting on  One of the most important option is Locked and Unlocked posts. 

By default posts are locked when you upload the content to your post.  Locked content can only be seen by your Subscribers.  We make it locked by default just in case you’re not focused on that step.   You can always go back and unlock content that you think should be unlocked later.  But for the most part locked content is the premium content your fans will pay to see.

Setting a plan on what content to lock and unlock should be very strategic for your long term goals. 

Growing your fan base beyond your current fan base

One of the best ways to grow your fan bans is to offer unlocked content.  Unlocked content is the simple content that gives some insights to what the premium content offers.

Example:  Making a short video about what you will do for the day would be a great example of content you would keep unlock.  Now actually showing what you did for that day, that would be a good locked video. 

Fans of some of the biggest stars in the world would just like to know what they did for the day.  Sometimes it just the little things that get them excited for the next big release. 

The More you post

The more you post both unlocked and locked videos the greater chances for success with your fans.  You will start to see it’s the little things that gets them engaged. 

ItsMii was built and optimize to help you share your talent with the world.  Our SEO tools will help you get shown to a wider audience.   Just keep sharing by post and watch your fans grow. 
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