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Make More with your Referral links

May 26, 2021
We all have friends...... well most of us do.  Weather you call them friends, associates, or just random people you speak to every once in a while.   We all know someone with artistic talent.

Good news for you.  ItsMii offers a 5% referral program.  No matter if your friend’s talent differs from your we accept all talented people on the platform.  By providing them with your referral link you create the opportunity to increase your payout even more, while introducing them to a revenue generating opportunity. 

Grabbing your referral link

To grab your referral link simply click the profile button.  The pop-out window will then appear.  Next click the “My Referrals”

At the top of the page you will see your referral link.  In this example the referral link is;  Simply copy & send that link to the person you would like to refer. 

Once they click on the link that person will show up under your referrals.  Please be sure to specify to the person that you are referring to click on that click so they can be tracked to your account. 

Revenue from your referred members will be automatically added to your dashboard revenue.  If you have any questions or need help, please contact our support staff by clicking here.
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