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How Podcasters Can Grow on

Nov 06, 2021
If there’s anyone that knows how the internet works, it’s podcasters.  Knowing the internet means you know to take advantage of every opportunity that comes along.  Podcasts are a great SEO tool that offer many ways for monetization.  In essence, podcasts have become the WordPress of this decade.

ItsMii offers multiple tools for creators to market their podcast to a broader audience.  Our social media tools give you immediate reach into a vast market, which could potentially grow your audience to the levels you desire.   ItsMii also offers a feature that allows you to embed your podcast into other websites. This gives you the opportunity to contact and engage with webmasters that may be looking for content share on their website, or blog. 
Many podcasters know the importance of streaming on multiple platforms such as Apple Podcast, Spotify, Google Podcast and more. Running on many platforms helps build your audience.  Later down the road you may find that one platform gives you the best return financially, and therefore you may decide to consolidate your follows.

ItsMii offers it’s own podcast that is streamed on other mediums.  Our podcast helps introduce a different audience to our creators, and has shown us that we must tap every area of the market in order to help them grow.  We are glad that we have the tools and the knowledge to make that happen.

Whatever genre you are in, you can find a home on ItsMii to cater to that fan base. Whether it’s video or audio only, we can help you stream it.  Don’t ever hesitate to reach out to our support team for help or advice.  We welcome podcasters from all over the world! 
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